Mobile Film

Material: High Strength  Polyurethane (Sticker Type but no Glue)
Adhesion method :  Bubble Clearing Dry Adhesive
Protection Level : Impact + Sctraches
Shock Absorbent
Helf Healing without Glue dry apply
100% Crystal Clear Transperent material
Surface Hardness : 9H Scratch resistance, Shatter Proof
Oleophobic Coating to resist finger prints and other contaminates
Anti-fingerprint, smooth,bubblefree, anti-oil, easy adsorption, no residue,repeat use,anti yellowing
True Touch sensitivity and 100% super Transperency
Item No.: XG100-25SR25


Product NameXG100-25SR25Test Method
Use film Thickness(um)145±8Thickness tester
Base thickness(um)100±3Thickness tester
Adhesive Thickness(um)25±2Thickness tester
Coating thickness(um)18±3Thickness tester
Release liner thickness(um)100±1Thickness tester
Protection thickness(um)85±2Thickness tester
Peel force of release film with adhesive (g/25mm)1~2gJIS Z0237-1980(300mm/min)
Peel force of protection film with coating film (g/25mm)1~3gJIS Z0237-1980(300mm/min)
Coating Contact Angle (degree)≥103XL Method
light transmittance(%)≥90JIS K7361(D65)
Harizonae (%)≦2JIS K7361(D65)
Peeling force of steel plate (gf/25mm)≥500JIS Z0237-1980(300mm/min)
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