TPU Printed Film

Waterproof Function
Suitable for TPU Ink
Abrasion Resistance, Tear Strength, Oil Resistance
Printing Technology: Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Printing, Digital Printing etc
Thickness: 0.1-0.2mm (can be customized)
Width: 1370mm (can be customized)
Color: transparent, foggy (any colors can be customized)


TPU film printed products, not only has abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics of TPU, especially suitable use in harsh environment. It usually use polyester based TPU Film shore hardness 85-90A to print, and the printing technology has screen printing, heat transfer printing, digital printing and so on. The surface is excellent and smooth, which is widely used for fashion garments, rainwear, shower curtain, table cloth etc.


Tips for TPU Printed Film
Ink selection
It is better to use TPU ink, physical compatibility.


Corona treatment
Corona treatment was carried out on TPU film to make the dyne value of the surface of TPU film over 38 so that it is suitable for printing. The ideal dyne value is 40-42.


The surface of TPU film was treated with chemical solvent
Chemical solvent treatment on TPU film surface, such as wiping, coating etc


TPU film surface selection
Generally speaking, due to the large surface area of foggy TPU film, compared with bright or smooth TPU film, ink adhesion is good, color fastness is high, easier to print.


Physical Performance
HardnessISO 686shoreA85-90A
Specific GravityISO 2781g/cm³1.2±0.02
ThicknessThickness Gaugemm0.1-0.2
ColorVisual Inspection/Foggy/transparent
Tensile StrengthISO 527-3/5/500MPaCD: 40.52
MD: 37.4
Tensile Strength @ 50% ElongationISO 527-3/5/500MPaCD: 5.58
MD: 5.70
Tensile Strength @ ElongationISO 527-3/5/500MPaCD: 6.74
MD: 6.51
Tensile Strength @ 300% ElongationISO 527-3/5/500MPaCD: 14.06
MD: 11.62
Elongation at BreakISO 527-3/5/500%CD: 691
MD: 636
Tear StrengthASTM D1004kg/cmCD: 95
MD: 98
Abrasion ResistanceISO 4649mm³37
Vicat Softening PointISO 30690℃
Melting PointKofler165-170
Brittle PointDSC-30℃
UV Light DiscolorationASTM D1148Grade4-4.5
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