TPU Ultrasound Probe Covers

•Safe, Simple & Sanitary
•60 disposable covers
•Help prevent spread of infection
Used as hygienic protection for ultrasound probes during ultrasound examinations Facilitates accurate ultrasound detection, while assisting in prevention of cross contamination Straight-walled with a smooth surface and round end,Beaded Cuff

Polyester TPU
Spec: 0.05, 0.06, 0.10mm thickness TPU film
High Frequency Welding
Color: Natural, Without Latex
Shape: Square Rectangle Trapezoid, Any shapes can be customized
Sterilization: ethylene oxide sterilization (EO sterilization)
Application: For use with Ultrasound Imaging probes for transvaginal and transrectal imaging
100 Per Box, 24 Boxes Per Case Can be customized
Sterilized Independent dialysis bag package, 1pcs/bag
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