TPU Leather
• Thermoplastic Foam
• Low Specific Gravity, Light Weight
• Lightweight Sporting Products
• Multiple Textures, Smooth Surface, Eco-friendly Leather
• Excellent Weather Resistance
• Good Abrasion Resistance and Scratch Resistance
• High and Low Temperature Resistance
• Without DMF
• Good Tensile Strength
TPU Printed Film
• Waterproof Function
• Suitable for TPU Ink
• Abrasion Resistance, Tear Strength, Oil Resistance
• Printing Technology: Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Printing, Digital Printing etc
TPU Tape
• TPU Elastic Tape/TPU Tape/Mobilon Tape
• TPU Crystal Elastic Thread
• TPU Mask tape
• TPU Bra Strap Strap
• TPU Shoulder Strap
Aliphatic TPU film for laminated glass
• Anti-vandalism
• Bullet Resistant
• Hurricane Resistant
• Aircraft and Train Windscreens
• Privacy Glass (liquid crystal)
• Art Glass
Anti-Static TPU Film
• Medical, pharmacy
• Electron, purification
• Clean working environment
Flame Retardant TPU Film
• Automobile, automobile interiors, automotive carpet
• Tent
• Application of flame resistant environment
• Architecture
TPU Granule
•UV Resistance
•Very Good Toughness
•Excellent Oil Resistance
•High Abrasion Resistance
•High Hydrolysis Resistance
•High and Low Temperature Resistance
•Different Hardness is Available
•Good Performance on Elongation
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