Mobile Film
• Material: High Strength Polyurethane (Sticker Type but no Glue)
• Adhesion method : Bubble Clearing Dry Adhesive
• Protection Level : Impact + Sctraches
• Shock Absorbent
• Helf Healing without Glue dry apply
• 100% Crystal Clear Transperent material
• Surface Hardness : 9H Scratch resistance, Shatter Proof
• Oleophobic Coating to resist finger prints and other contaminates
• Anti-fingerprint, smooth,bubblefree, anti-oil, easy adsorption, no residue,repeat use,anti yellowing
• True Touch sensitivity and 100% super Transperency
TPU Elastic tape for N95 Masks
•Thermoplastic Polyurethane
•High resilience
•Good tensile release
•Suitable for ultrasonic non-woven fabric welding
•High tensile strength and elongation
•Resistance to yellowing
•Used for N95 masks, disposable medical masks
•High moisture permeability
•No plasticizer, contact with skin friendly
•High temperature resistance, good cold resistance -30℃
•Hydrolysis resistance, acid and alkali resistance
•High water pressure resistance, low Water Vapour resistance (Ret Value), wind resistance
•Smooth surface, ultra-thin and soft to the touch
•High tensile strength and elongation
•Resistance to yellowing
TPU Dead Body Bags
• 100% Non-toxic
• 100% waterproof
• Comfortable, light and very flexible.
• Environmentally Friendly
• 100% Recyclable & biodegradable
• Resistant to most chemicals and acids
• Excellent resistance to fats, oils and grease
• Seamless design eliminates bacterial
• Non-toxic. Odorless. Non-absorbent. Non-corrosive
Anti Static TPU FILM for Medical Flexible Isolator
• Flexible film isolator
• Medical Device pharmaceutical application
• Freeze Dryer Flexible Containment
• Containment Isolator system
• Flexible Film Pharmaceutical Process Isolator operates
• Containment Flexible Isolator
• Anti-static frosted film gloves for containment
For anti-decubitus mattress, bedsore prevention mattress
• Anti-decubitus mattress
• Bedsore prevention mattress
• Outdoor water inflatable products
• Outdoor inflatable tent
• Inflatable bed
• Inflatable toys
• Air cushion
TPU Laminated fabric for Blood Pressure Cuff
• Blood Pressure Cuff
• Bedsore Prevention Mattress
• Anti Decubitus Mattress
• Medical Device
TPU FILM for Air Lumbar Support
• Sport Seat Lumbar Bladder
• Automotive Lumbar Support
• Air Cell Lumbar Support
• Air Lumbar Support
• Car seat air cushions tpu film
• Automotive Interior
• Air massage seat
TPU Laminated Fabric
• Easy to Welding
• Good Aging Resistance
• Good Weather Resistance
• Waterproof and Food Grade
• Shower Curtains
• Garments
TPU Breathable Film
• Waterproof Function
• Good Toughness
• Good Tear Resistance
• Soft and Comfortable Feel
• Good Breaking Strength
• Good Elongation,
• Good Water Washing Fastness
• Good Hydrolysis Resistance
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